Every one of us experiences different levels of stress and worry, each problem individual to its owner.  We cannot suggest that our troubles are more challenging than another persons, as we are built to respond to those problems in different ways: some of us can handle the stress and take our lives difficulties in our stride whilst others are unable to cope.  As we get older, it seems that these problems become even more difficult to handle: At the age of forty, I know my mind.  I like things to happen just the way I like and when life comes along and throws its little obstacles in my path, dealing with these issues can be difficult.

Perspective is the key.  Put things in to perspective.  Unfortunately, there is always someone who’s problems are for worse than yours.  This may sound contradictory to what I said earlier about not comparing our problems with the problems of others, but looking down rather than up is a display of humbleness – a sign of good character.  Believing that our problems are at the centre of the universe, focussing only on our own misery only serves to enlarge our sense of despair.  But recognising that there are many others who have the same emotions, needs and desires running through their veins as ourselves, yet are facing the impossibility of experiencing the luxuries that we take for granted everyday of our lives, should help us to put our problems in to perspective.

Once one has managed to put things in to perspective, the problem itself will be halved.  This is the spiritual side of dealing with stress. Then the real world kicks in to place and one must find the best way to deal with the situation, avoiding any wrong-doing.  Life is a test.  A cliche I know, but if it wasn’t a test, everything in our world would simply fall in to place and there would be no challenges to help develop our characters.  There would be no good to fight the evil, no wealthy to feed the poor and no sense of sadness that would help us to appreciate the joys of happiness.  Make self reflection your goal and when you begin to truly appreciate what you have, you will realise that every problem is a short test – a blip that can be eliminated with the overwhelming power of

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