Tick Tock



The alarm goes off.  You get out of your cosy bed, reluctantly.  As you slowly come to, you realise that today is yet another day full of routines, necessities and priorities.  You go through the motions as time continues to pass you by for yet another day.  Once, maybe twice a week you may be doing something that isn’t routine, but whatever that something is, it doesn’t last forever.  Time seems to dominate everything you do –  it wins the war every time.

And that is my point.  Time keeps moving forward no matter how much we will for it to slow down.  Time eats away at you, reminding you that there is only the future, as the past becomes insignificant.  As we get older, that future loses it’s shine as we realise that our future is getting shorter.

Sounds depressing? Maybe, but we all ponder on the moving of time.  After reflection, most of us decide that we must make the most of what time we have.  We plan activities that are more than just a night out or a visit to the zoo.  We make bucket lists that detail all those things that we said we will achieve one day – a bungee jump, swimming with dolphins, learning to fly – the list goes on.  And of course, we should all aspire to see the world and push our human instincts to the limit, but however long the bucket list, without time, it’s purpose is futile.

So we are blessed with many years of health as we get older.  The items on our bucket list are slowly being crossed off.  How wonderful.  Then what do we say?…. ‘I’ve had a wonderful life full of exciting experiences and interesting people – I’m ready to go.’

Really? That’s it?!

Is this the end of your time? The end of your existence? And what was the purpose of your life? To enjoy your time whilst remaining a good person? Yes.  But is that it?

Our ability to think, show emotions and interact socially is far beyond any other living creatures and there are many human attributes such as anger, love and pain that we are unable to control.  Sometimes we respond to situations that surprise even our selves.  In every moment of our lives, we have choices and it is us that are in most cases, in charge of those choices.  The concept of right and wrong defines all our behaviours and our interaction with others is determined by our characters and by our ability to make human connections.  WHY do we have these characteristics? WHAT is their purpose? There must be a reason why we are faced with such choices every day of our lives? Surely, how we respond to the situations and the people we meet in our lives will determine how we live in the afterlife? There is a definite link between our attitudes , choices and characteristics and how they lead towards defining our purpose in life.  We all sway towards good and despise evil – the basic origin of all faiths.

It’s a complicated concept to explain in words, but my heart refuses to accept that we are only on the Earth to live for no more than a century then simply disappear.  Faith explains our purpose, but even without faith, the behaviours of human instincts suggest that our purpose in life is more than to just live it to its fullest. Belief in life after death, where the soul is resurrected, helps makes sense of our world of right and wrong choices.  It explains our instinct to care for each other and our need to reflect and improve our character.  When faith lives in the heart, or when we are striving to find purpose in our lives, we become involved in more meaningful activities where reward is sought both in this world and in the hereafter. Reward, in the form of hearts fulfilled with helping others and making selfless choices where compromise leads to the satisfaction of all those around you.  Surely, this has a far more long term purpose than a bungee jump?

So faith or no faith, think about the time ahead of you – is your future looking purposeful? Are you ready for the hereafter, where you shall be questioned about your intentions and choices in this world? Time is of the essence, so reflect, and act upon your human instincts by making your days full of purpose.

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