Refusing to let go?

The world is so important to us.  The immediate world.  The things we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell.  Our senses tell us whether what confronts us is real.  We long for worldly experiences that fulfill our yearning to be part of this world, to feel the adrenalin of being alive or to simply fill our pockets of free time with different experiences.

I can relate to that.  But there is a feeling that is beyond the earthly and is far more satisfying then anything the immediate world can give us.  It is an overwhelming sense of moving on…away from this world to a place that can only be described through emotions and spiritualism.  It is a moment in time where we learn to let go of all our worldly surrounding: objects, people, places, relationships – nothing exists but your desire to feel a presence of something that can never be described in words.  It is a  powerful sense of something beyond the realms of our reality – a short burst of utter humility where our existence in the immediate world is reduced to pure insignificance: an empty existence.

I wish this moment could be boxed up.  Safe under lock and key but ready to satisfy whenever the world confuses our sense of who we are. But that would be too easy.  Without the journey of commitment and sacrifice on the path of spirituality, there is no meaningful end.  Moments that allow us to experience just a hint of the ephemeral world do not simply appear at random – it takes a strong desire to shake off what most of us consider the priorities in life and place our commitment to experience the ephemeral world as our top priority.  This does not mean locking ourselves away from the outside world, rather, we have to learn to let go of the materialistic targets, accept that we are at our happiest when we have our loved ones near us and set targets that will set us up for a richer existence in terms of our spiritual needs.  When these needs are fulfilled, every other need becomes insignificant.

People will spend years searching for this spiritual truth.  But if the immediate world is still their priority then a compromise has been made, which in turn compromises their ability to move forward on their journey beyond the immediate world.  I have found my moments of tranquility through my faith of Islam, although for many years of life, I too allowed this worldly life to restrict my ability to understand and be close to God.  Coming to the realisation that all my actions in this life are indeed a determining factor towards the strength of my relationship with God was the key to change.  When I made someone smile, God came closer.  When I sacrificed my own desires to help another, God came closer.  Spending those few extra minutes in prayer and meditation bought God closer.  Asking myself if God would be pleased about everything I thought, said and did, bought Him closer. Crediting God for all the natural beauty and miracles around me bought God closer.

To get to this point we have to let go of our arrogance.  Human beings are part of creation, not the creators, yet we seem to have an incredible superiority complex where we refuse to accept the possibility of something more powerful than ourselves.  Once we cross this barrier, there is the refusal to believe in the God that revealed our scriptures.  Organised religion is seen as a form of control, yet as humans we need to be controlled – but only by our unflagging belief and desire to please our Creator. It is this love for our Creator that motivates the need for spirituality – for a feeling of utter peace away from the immediate world.  It is this feeling that gives us true, deep happiness.  A long lasting happiness that can be achieved over and over again, outweighing any temporary happiness that the material world can give us. But to get to this point , we MUST let go of our worldly targets – they are meaningless and temporary – surely internal happiness is the eternal happiness that we all strive for.  Just let go.


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