Do you have moments in your day where you stop and appreciate everything around you and all that you are blessed with? And I mean truly, wholeheartedly appreciate it.  Is your breath taken away by the natural beauty around you and the phenomenal wonder that is your body? Such moments were a scarce occurence in my life in the past.  I lived life without stopping to appreciate all that was me and all that surrounded me.  There never seemed to be anytime to just stand still and reflect.  Or perhaps there was time, but I had nothing in my life to inspire me to stop and think.

Born as a Muslim, faith has always been an integral part of my life, but it was only when I was blessed with a deeper understanding and a stronger spiritual connection with my faith that I began to reflect on the everyday miracles that surround me.  To achieve this connection, one has to make the effort to move towards what one considers to be their faith.  Although every person can appreciate what they have, having a faith and a strong belief that there is an unimaginable purity that overpowers us all, allows one to think beyond this world.  Slow down and take the time out to reflect on what you have.  If your appreciation is genuine, you will find that you have less to complain about – the glass half empty will become half full as the negativity in your life takes on an air of positivity.  Try it and if God wills, you will see changes in your life.

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