What is prayer? The first image that comes to mind is a pair of hands clasped together pointing towards the heavens.

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But of course, prayer does not begin with physical actions – it begins in the heart.  The seed of prayer is sown when one truly believes and accepts that there is a higher power, beyond our capabilities of understanding, that is watching over us and controlling every minute part of our existence.  Many of us who have this belief are born with it but I have great admiration for those who are not – the ones who accept the existence of a supreme power after years of dis-belief.

Prayer is a spiritual connection to The One who makes our destiny.  To make this connection, we must make an effort to incorporate His remembrance in our daily lives.  Prayer can only be a prayer if this spiritual enlightenment is achieved.  Tears, trembling and breathlessness during prayer are often a physical sign that show this connection between the ephemeral world and the material.  It is during the rare occasions when I find myself trembling with humility, fear and hope during prayer that I experience a move towards the spiritual, unseen world and it is on these occasions that I truly feel like my prayers are being heard.

So if you devote your time to prayer, make it a meaningful prayer by absorbing yourself in its spiritually.  Understand to Whom you are praying and leave your world behind, allowing your soul to reach a place that is far removed from the reality of this world.

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  1. sb says:

    Very interesting and enjoyable to read.

  2. sarahphipps1 says:

    Sahera, you have sent this blog to me at the exact time I needed it in my life.On Friday I decided to subscribe to a daily bible reading and devotional to my smartphone (love technology!)to help me deal with the struggles and challenges of the day ahead and to appreciate the good things and to practise humility and patience.I can’t deal with ‘life’ on my own-it’s too hard-I need help from god.

  3. patelsahera says:

    I am happy that my words have helped. Inspiration and promotion of spirituality are the main concepts of my blog, so may God guide you towards the peace you are looking for. X

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