Making a once in a lifetime journey to the heart of one’s spirituality would, without any doubt,  leave anyone overwhelmed and truly humbled.  Different faiths have their own, unique places of tranquility and spiritual significance that takes them back to a world where only hope, peace and love matters.  Many of us, when we leave our spiritual homes, feel lost and for a short time, life becomes meaningless.  But unfortunately, reality soon bites back and it does not take long for us to settle back in to our daily routines where the sense of awe and utter calm fades away.

And this is how I felt when I returned from my pilgrimage to Mecca in the year 2012.  After spending just over three weeks thinking of nothing but my faith and dedicating all my time to the worship of God, I was thrown abruptly back in to a world of grocery shopping and school runs.  However, the grocery shopping and the school runs are the day to day reality of my life, and as incredible as the experience of my pilgrimage was, my destiny was to live the average lifestyle that most of us endure.  The true test was whether I could maintain some of that spirituality that was so easy to come by in Mecca, in my home town of Dewsbury.  Could I still evoke the tears that fell so easily whilst saying my prayers in front of the Kabah? Would I still be able to demonstrate the patience that I strived to maintain amongst the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims in the Haram? The real test was yet to come as I was now required to protect my new status as a new born child as my old sins had, if Allah willed, been forgiven and the challenge lay in maintaining that purity.

Many pilgrims will be returning from their pilgrimage soon, and I would love you to share your experiences and emotions.  Without a doubt, the pilgrimage is a unique experience, but how does you feel now that you have returned back to your reality?



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  1. mumtazpatel says:

    I totally agree, reality does take over far too quickly!

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