My feelings of paradise on earth are few and far between…those few seconds when I hug my husband in bed before falling asleep…I remember that feeling.  I keep it with me.  That’s a feeling of paradise.  That first sip of water after a long fast…I remember that feeling.  I keep it with me.  That feeling is paradise.  On occasion, I see something of nature that blows me away – it could just be a random cloud…I remember that feeling.  I keep it with me.

Most feelings however are too temporary to be described as paradise.  Living life is not the easiest of tasks.  Thoughts, feelings, emotions, contemplation.  Over contemplation.  Moments of utter gratitude which are instantly contradicted by selfish thoughts.  It’s a mad world in there.

Experiences.  Interaction.  Humanity.

They will keep those thoughts at bay.  Be pro-active.  Make choices.  Change your days.

Small changes.

Lead to bigger changes.

Occupy the mind with productive, constructive, thoughts.

Paradise is personal.  An individual experience.  Don’t be fooled by the universal definition of heaven on earth.  It is questionable if paradise on earth exists at all, but if it does, it comes from perspective.  Look and you will see.  And if you’re looking too hard, it’s not your paradise.

Paradise exists from the inside out.  When we embrace who we are then the journey to those other worldly moments begin.

Ten years ago, a cloud was just a cloud.  Today, a cloud is a miracle.  Paradise.


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