Pride, arrogance, self absorption -it happens to the best of us, but all these emotions can take you away from the Almighty. Humbleness is the key to staying grounded, but how can one remain humble if there is no one to feel humbled towards?

This is why a belief in a supreme being is a positive part of one’s life and pride is considered a negative emotion in all faiths. Without regular monitoring through self-reflection, one can slowly forget that our achievements, both materialistically and spiritually, are only achieved with the will of God.

We begin to consider ourselves just a little bit better than the other guy who didn’t get quite the same grades as us, or doesn’t spend as much time in devotional prayer as we do. We become the real losers as our sense of gratitude towards God diminishes and the ego takes over.

So beware… Always self-reflect and consider your motives behind everything you do. Your character will truly blossom if pride and arrogance are kept at bay.

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