Fashionable religion

450px-Symmetric_religious_symbols.svgEven religion is a fashion today.  Scientology is one of just a few that the celebrities seem to be taking a shine to. Buddhism, Hinduism and many other religions that offer a sense of spirituality and escapism draw the crowds that are looking for something to temporarily take them away from the realities of life. All religions, when practiced with complete devotion through times of troubles and times of happiness offer their own rewards.  The believer finds solace in a world that throws many challenges at it’s inhabitants.  The key is to maintain and nurture that faith so that everything thrown in front of us on the path of life can be handled with positivity, helping us to keep our health intact.

Religion is not simply a ‘fad’.  Islam is a religion that is particularly eager to identify itself as a way of life rather than a weekly visit to the mosque.  I wrote this post to share a video that promotes the concept of religion being more than just something that we might dabble in.  It is a rap that stars a Muslim youth who communicates the concept of faith, in this case Islam, with incredible sincerity and clarity.   There is one point where the young man mentions Jesus, peace be upon him, as a prophet rather than the son of God – this is the fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam and I have not included the video to offend or judge anyone.  I just found it incredibly inspirational.  Please click on the link below and feel free to leave a comment:


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