What does faith do for you?

The obvious answer is that it provides you with peace.  Your faith is what you turn to in times of trouble and in times of happiness.  When I was stressed and worried about my first job interview, I turned to Allah to help me calm down and accept that as long as I give it my all, the final decision was in the hands of the Almighty.  When I experience moments of  happiness, I turn to Allah to thank Him for all the blessings in my life. As a person of faith, I cannot take all the credit when it comes to the countless moments of gratitude in my daily life: hot water on tap, warm home, delicious food on the plate, five senses that work perfectly – there are too many to mention.  Faith means an abundance of gratitude to The One who provided me with all the joys in my life.

And faith also means to be grateful for all that is not good in my life.  Often, these moments are a test from God to see if we will turn to Him and become closer to Him when we experience difficulty.  Once we emerge out of these phases of difficulty, our hearts should be closer to God – that is a test of our faith and one that we should strive to win.

Faith helps me make sense of the world and encourages me to develop my character.  It gives me motivation to help others and gain satisfaction from pleasing God rather than striving for materialistic gain.  Helping someone in need is far more rewarding than buying the latest pair of boots and the buzz lasts far longer.


This is just a small taste of what faith does for me.  What does faith do for you?

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