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Autobiography – Page 2 – Forever Faith
Category: Autobiography

Embracing diversity

What do you feel threatened by? It’s a simple question to understand but a difficult one to answer.  As long as we remain within our comfort zones, meeting people like ourselves and remaining in situations that maintain that every day

Tick Tock

  The alarm goes off.  You get out of your cosy bed, reluctantly.  As you slowly come to, you realise that today is yet another day full of routines, necessities and priorities.  You go through the motions as time continues

Divine Mercy

Showing mercy is not an attribute we often use in relation to humans – it is more often referred to as a divine attribute where we seek God’s forgiveness and beg of His mercy.  As mere human beings, it is

Fashionable religion

Even religion is a fashion today.  Scientology is one of just a few that the celebrities seem to be taking a shine to. Buddhism, Hinduism and many other religions that offer a sense of spirituality and escapism draw the crowds

Moments of tranquility

  We don’t experience moments of peace very often.  These moments, usually far shorter than we would like, come to us when we release our troubles and stresses and allow ourselves to swim in happy thoughts. How does this happen?

Are we good parents?

I love this quote Those of us who are parents have a big responsibility in our hands.  I truly believe that our children are who they are because of their upbringing.  Only rarely do children develop in to social misfits

It’s the little things

They say it’s the little things in life that get us through the day.  A sentiment that I certainly share.  Here are a few of my magical daily moments: Buy some fresh chrysanthemums: £2.50 and they last for 2 weeks

The graph of spirituality

  We often assess our progress in life through materialistic targets.  Qualifications, promotions and rising salaries all enable us to make in-roads that lead us to these targets. Some people’s ambitions are limited to paying off the mortgage and saving

Dealing with anxiety

It must happen when you get older…. perhaps…. it is the only explanation I have.  There was a time when I took life in my stride.  Any changes, big or small, were never a concern.  A few butterflies before an

Charity is a smile

Some of us are born with the natural ability to produce a smile without hesitation.  We feel  more than comfortable smiling at strangers as we walk past them, making a human connection for that fraction of  a second  that the