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Brain storm

Brain Storm Stormy seas swim silently No decency, no apology. In every crevice of the mind.  The waters drown, reason.   Battle ensues, gasping for breath Waves envelop fragile air Thoughts reach out for pockets of hope.  Amongst the sea,


Paradise….. My feelings of paradise on earth are few and far between…those few seconds when I hug my husband in bed before falling asleep…I remember that feeling.  I keep it with me.  That’s a feeling of paradise.  That first sip

Motivating ourselves and renewing our faith

We are constantly reminded to motivate ourselves and strive to renew our iman.  There is no denying the importance of spiritual contemplation if we are to keep our faith intact and give it the opportunity to blossom in to something

Visit a Mosque day

Visit my mosque day It’s not paranoia.  The world is out to destroy the image of my faith.  A faith that runs through my veins, dictates my every thought and supersedes any worldly connections.  I make no apologies for loving


Is it possible to have happiness as a constant in our lives? Surely, the answer is yes as when we are asked the question  of what is our ultimate goal most of us reply with  the generic answer of wanting

Book review by Bob McDonald

I’m not a celebrity I am a Muslim Book Review by Bob McDonald The rites of passage of a young girl of Indian origin, growing up in the North of England, family life and frictions, things happy and sad, school

Refusing to let go?

The world is so important to us.  The immediate world.  The things we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell.  Our senses tell us whether what confronts us is real.  We long for worldly experiences that fulfill our yearning to


Ramadan is not just the absence of food and drink…although the absence of food and drink can be the only thing on your mind when they are out of reach.  The lack of food and drink makes one lethargic.  A

Embracing diversity

What do you feel threatened by? It’s a simple question to understand but a difficult one to answer.  As long as we remain within our comfort zones, meeting people like ourselves and remaining in situations that maintain that every day

Tick Tock

  The alarm goes off.  You get out of your cosy bed, reluctantly.  As you slowly come to, you realise that today is yet another day full of routines, necessities and priorities.  You go through the motions as time continues