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I am a 44  year old female British Muslim, a teacher, an author, a public speaker, and a passionate person of faith.   It is with this passion that I offer my services to educate against the tarred and misconstrued image of Islam.  My aim is to dispel the media portrayed image of my faith through personal accounts told with the help of my autobiography ‘I’m not a celebrity, I am a Muslim’ and by answering questions that many want to ask, but are either held back by our obsession with political correctness or because of limited contact with Muslims.

My role as a public speaker began over a year ago when I was asked to speak at an Islamic Awareness course run for professionals who work with Muslims by Aksaa Management and Training.  Since then, I have continued to volunteer with the company to help combat Islamophobia through the powerful medium of education.

My intention is to educate, inspire and reach the minds of young people with the reality of Islam, presenting evidenced facts and combating the misinterpretations and politically influenced ideologies that are so dominant in our media.  With this in mind, my fixed charge will be any expenses incurred whereas the fee for my time is both minimal and negotiable.

Possible objectives include:

  • The five pillars of Islam: an overview of the faith.
  • Focusing on a specific pillar: declaration of faith/prayer/Ramadan/Charity/Pilgrimage
  • How British values and Islamic values are one of the same
  • Safeguarding from an Islamic perspective
  • Women and Islam
  • Religion or Culture?

The above are just a few examples.  There are many facets to Islam and I am happy to talk about any specific learning needs of your organization.  I also hope to deliver an interactive, engaging presentation using the skills I have developed over my many years of teaching experience.

Please see the testimonials below and I look forward to any further enquiries or for a booking.


Tel: 07973289762


  • Sahera Patel is an engaging and inspiring woman.  Her honesty and openness to discuss and share her faith and values is refreshing and informative.  I was delighted that she led the Women and Islam session for teachers as part of a Craven DEC twilight training course on Understanding Islam and Countering Islamophobia in Sept 2017.  (Fiona Protheroe, Craven Development Education Centre)
  • Last year, Sahera Patel came to talk to the Mothers’ Union in Gomersal.  She came without any hesitation and talked to us openly about her Muslim background, her pilgrimage and her family life.  She answered the many questions we had and we all completely took to her friendliness and openness.   We were so impressed with her presentation that we have booked her again for next year.  She is the perfect ambassador for bringing different cultures together. (Trees Fewster, Branch leader,  St Mary’s Church, Gomersall)
  • Sahera was a guest speaker at our church meeting earlier this year.  She read us passages from her book and answered knowledgably questions about her faith.  We all thoroughly enjoyed having her at our meeting.  (Susan Edwards, St Saviour’s Church, Brownhill, Batley)
  • Sahera Patel is an articulate lady possessed of a wide vocabulary which enabled her to pen her autobiographical work I’M NOT A CELEBRITY, I AM A MUSLIM. I have heard her speaking, as a Muslim, to Jewish audiences in Manchester, where she has been very well received. She explains her faith fluently with humour and with obvious love which also extends to her audiences. They repay her by asking questions which she answers with deep knowledge of her subject. Her intelligence and sincerity are always patently obvious. It is a great pleasure to be present on these occasions.  (Lionel Ross. Proprietor and Publisher. i2i Publishing)


  • Thank you so much for today. The staff and children are ‘buzzing’.
    You will have seen how our children really would benefit from ‘little and often’ snippets of Islam and what it is to be a Muslim woman, which you brought to life so clearly for them.(Jeannette Peake, Shelley first school, Huddersfield. June 2018)
  • “Confident speaker and Interesting subject”

    “Friendly and Informative”

    “Great Speaker”

    “It was really interesting and enjoyable”

    “Interesting to have insight into a different life”

    “Good to hear about her experiences and dispel myths about Islam which divide people”

    “Very charming speaker”

    “Insightful relaxed environment”

    (Feedback from evaluation sheets for author talk at Trafford library, Manchester)




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