Visit a Mosque day

Visit my mosque day

It’s not paranoia.  The world is out to destroy the image of my faith.  A faith that runs through my veins, dictates my every thought and supersedes any worldly connections.  I make no apologies for loving Him, for loving humanity for the sake of Him, for sharing my good fortune for the sake of Him, for living each day with hope because of my trust in Him. 

The place: Salfia Centre in Dewsbury.  The time: Feb 5th, National Visit my Mosque day.

At a time when my faith’s image is being dragged through the political, self-motivated mud, it was a privilege and an honour to be part of a day that invited people from all backgrounds to listen to Islam’s core message of peace.  Every volunteer came with only one intention – to promote their love of Islam.  We had a rare platform of willing ears choosing to learn more about our faith.   Eager to share, but cautious not to overwhelm, we welcomed our guests with the world renowned Asian hospitality.  Samosas and Kebabs were a must, as were the smiles.  Written paraphernalia provided an abundance of information but the real communication happened through mingling.  Conversations buzzed around the room between Muslims and non-Muslims.  Real discussions about the real Islam.  No mention of terrorism, bombs or jihad – such jargon played no part in an actual Muslim’s life.  It was the media-made Muslim man that verbalised these illusionary extremities then played them out with terrific and inexplicable cunning and power.

Our non-Muslim guests took a tour through the mosque, they listened to prayers and understood the real definitions of Sharia and Jihad.  Astonished faces absorbed the Quranic rulings that defined the high status of women in Islam.  Reverts told of their journeys, fascinating an audience that would otherwise have never known.  There was a genuine sense of revelation in the room as the real Islam humbly unfolded itself.

Our guests sensed the love we carried for our faith: a spiritual force that drives the human spirit to do nothing but good.  Empowered by the right kind of knowledge, they left the building with the pure, unaltered image of Islam.  One without a hidden agenda.  Ground level stuff.  The real deal.

And as I left for home, I knew it had been a good day. Humanity deserves celebration however diverse our beliefs and Visit your mosque day was one initiative that provided this inspiration. Don’t wait till next year to do your part…visit your mosque day is every day, as is visit your Muslim neighbour, or visit your Muslim colleague.  Empower yourself with the truth and the illusion will crumble.


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