Month: December 2014

The graph of spirituality

  We often assess our progress in life through materialistic targets.  Qualifications, promotions and rising salaries all enable us to make in-roads that lead us to these targets. Some people’s ambitions are limited to paying off the mortgage and saving

Dealing with anxiety

It must happen when you get older…. perhaps…. it is the only explanation I have.  There was a time when I took life in my stride.  Any changes, big or small, were never a concern.  A few butterflies before an

Charity is a smile

Some of us are born with the natural ability to produce a smile without hesitation.  We feel  more than comfortable smiling at strangers as we walk past them, making a human connection for that fraction of  a second  that the

I’m not a celebrity, I am a Muslim

My book ‘I’m not a celebrity I am a Muslim’ is now available on Please have a look at my interview with the Dewsbury Reporter about the book – My only intention behind the book is to inform, inspire